In order for this site to grow, we need 'Patrons', active participants - we need you!

Very simply we ask you to donate $12. Thats $1 a month to keep it all running. On top of that, as a thank you and a reason to keep donating each year we'll sign every patron up for our annual Film Stock Sweepstake in the year you donate.

Just $12 each year puts you in the film stock sweepstakes and supports this site allowing it to function without being swamped by ads. If you'd like to donate more, that's great!  We'll put you another entry in the sweepstake for every $12 you donate. 

The frequency of the film stock draw depends on the amount of members. At launch, as we count your support in the 10's or100's we'll run it quarterly, at 1000's it becomes monthly.

Each time we draw, the winner will receive 10 rolls of stock in 35mm or 120. If you're a cinematographer, we'll ship out a couple of cartridges of super 8 or Bolex reels for you to an equivalent value.

Should we get Patrons in the five digit range, we've got some ideas on other things we can do!

  • More articles and review requests: if we haven't used it, we'll find someone who has - or we'll buy it and review it ourselves.
  • Film Bento Service: We'll set this up so you can order a bento tray of assorted film, including dev, scan and return of negs and files using selected labs in USA, Europe and Asia.

You can sign up with the button below.


At the moment we are using a fixed membership year to keep things simple, managing our memberships via a simple CRM that will email you to see if you would like to donate again in the next year.

So, please note before you press buy, that the Annual sweepstake year runs 1st May - 30th April. So if you donate in Feb, March or April, you're only getting a few months of participation before the new membership year starts May 1st. Being as we don't want folks to get caught out on this, if we see memberships come through in those months, we'll actually hold your participation until May 1st so you get involved for a full year.