Fujikawaguchiko is a town in Japan situated by Lake Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji Five Lakes that surround Mount Fuji. It’s a stop off point for tourists and hikers for easy access to Mount Fuji with a train station, local buses and a few cafes and walking shops. When I arrived in the town it was a cloudy afternoon, I got some noodles from the 711 and sat by the lake trying to work out where Mount Fuji could be in the distance. The next morning however was clear blue skies and the volcano towered over the town so bright and close that it was unbelievable to think it couldn’t be seen the day before.

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Berlin: The Colour and The Shape

The city of Berlin is up there with the common romantic go-to’s. It’s guaranteed to be on any city travellers wish list — but for good reason. With myself and partner both having interests in food, fashion, and art, alongside nature and outdoor adventures, Berlin offered a lot of ticked boxes for our ideal city wonder.

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The heart of this site is here, photo and video essays by you and for you. We want you to share where you've been, what you're doing, whats inspiring you. What you're shooting with, what's working - what hasn't. Maybe you have been practising a technique in a studio, perhaps you shoot street, maybe you simply went somewhere new with an old camera. 

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