It all started when...

We started talking about where you go to get enthused about shooting film. 

These days shooting film is a choice, and usually a sign that someone is in fact trying to learn the 'how' of imagery, the craft of it rather than the automated delivery of it. That is something to be encouraged, and facilitated. Even if we aren't shooting film exclusively, the act teaches us valuable lessons.

So it struck us as odd that although there's plenty of sites dedicated to reviewing and debating the latest digital kit, there's nothing for film.

So we decided to create the space ourselves, To link the resources together, to try and enthuse and help film shooters new and old. Theres plenty of film fans, pros, and old hands out there with lots of knowledge and experience, but we've become a fractured and fractious lot. A forum here, a site there. This site hopes to collect enough of us together to form a community in it's own right, and at the same time collect the links and details for the sites and professionals out there who make it work for us - the dev labs and hardware engineers who all too frequently are hard to find for the newcomer.

Whats With the 'Summer of' name?

One of the first milestones for us is to establish a friendly, annual competition each summer for film shooters. Much like the way Salons and PSA Exhibitions work. Participants will pay an entry fee to submit a picture into the competition, at the end of the summer our judging panel picks out their top image and video for prizes.

How we Fund this Site

Well, at launch we're funding the hosting and spending our own time to get the ball rolling. That only gets us so far though, in order for the site to grow, we need Patrons and participants, we need you!